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New Carrera™ ArcOne® Decals

New Carrera™ ArcOne® Decals

August 28, 2014 - The Carrera™ArcOne® helmet offers full head, neck, and ear coverage in an extremely lightweight shell. Made from tough Dupont® flame retardant nylon, the Carrera™ ArcOne® is a force against cold and hot temperatures, withstanding all environments.

Now introducing four new decals on our Carrera™ ArcOne® line of welding helmets!

The sleek new Carbon Fiber has a look like none other, combining a styled print and sharp color. Celebrate the country of México with the new México decal, featuring a design incorporating the national crest with white, green, and red colors of the flag surrounding it. The Top Gun resembles an Air Force fighter jet, perfect for those who are movie fans and love Mr. Cruise. Last but certainly not least, the famous Python decal, the Fighting Tiger, got pulled over to the Carrera™ ArcOne® shell. Now you have the same decal but in the Carrera™ ArcOne® helmet for an extra fierce look.

Which one of these new decals best fits your personality and style? Comment in the toolbar below, we’d like to hear your opinions!